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Are you looking for a safe and natural solution to your health problems such as: Back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, frozen shoulder, arm pain, shoulder pain, knee and leg pain, (Sciatica)?

Perhaps you'd to improve your health and lifestyle? At Thame Chiropractic Clinic, Oxfordshire, we offer safe Chiropractic care for the whole family. We welcome children and kids of all ages and also specialise in Chiropractic care during pregnancy and taking care of babies.

MyoVision Scan

In our office we use the latest scanning technology to get accurate, objective and measurable values in order to monitor our clients progress.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a healing art with a strong philosophy and belief that the “power that made you, heals you”. This power the human body contains is what we term innate intelligence.

Patient Education

Here you will find information that will educate you on living the wellness lifestyle to learning the history of chiropractic. It’s all right here for you!

We provide high quality chiropractic care for:

Chiropractic Care for Adults


Young adult or senior, you'll receive the perfect care



Our chiropractor is experienced in treating the young

A chiropractor caring for a pregnant woman


Specialist chiropractic care for women during pregnancy

Athletes Running stock


Care to improve performance and reduce injury risk

Are you suffering from


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Tips For A Healthy Spine

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Our inspiration for life extends to all humans, and our mission is to empower one person at a time through the chiropractic philosophy. To facilitate each persons healing of themselves by rediscovering their own true nature and helping them unlock the doctor within to carry out life’s purpose in abundance.

Arthur Tovar, D.C.

After qualifying in the United States, Arthur Tovar graduated with the degree Doctor of Chiropractic as well as with a Bachelors of Science degree. He then went on to complete post graduate studies in Sacro Occipital Technique. Applied Kinesiology and achieving Certification as a Craniopath with Soto USA.

Chiropractor in Thame

Today Arthur Tovar is a practicing Craniopath, Spinal Therapist and applied Kinesiologist in Thame, Oxfordshire, treating patients who are looking for a chiropractor in the local area of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

Family Chiropractor

Thame Chiropractic Clinic has a special interest in helping families reach their full health potential. Chiropractic can also help you with joint pains, knee pains, general musculoskeletal aches, acute and chronic back pain, neck pain, headache, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow. Our chiropractic clinic provides treatment for expecting mothers suffering with back and neck pain since we understand how a woman’s posture and body changes during pregnancy.

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