A large number of my patients are constantly asking on ways they can garden for longer and avoid the dreaded back pain that can sometimes come that night or the day before you garden.


First, it will be good to know where back pain comes from. Back pain can come from numerous reasons.  In my humble opinion, it is most commonly presented from vertebral subluxations or misaligned joints in the spine that are not working as they should. These joints get fixated and in turn interfere with the communication of the brain to these muscles and organs in that area of the spine. These joints, if left in this manner, can with time degenerate and cause further problems in your spine and overall health. There are of course chemical stresses and emotional stresses that can aggravate your back pain. Being dehydrated is the most common and most simpler to solve, or emotional stresses can bring about back pain.

What to do

Besides getting your spine looked at by a Chiropractor who can restore proper function to those joints there are other things you can do. 

First, make sure you are properly hydrated before, during and after an activity such as gardening. Second, if you will start to garden on a cold day outside ensure you can stretch the joints in your spine. Bringing blood to these joints will avoid them seizing up on you. Third, start with many layers of clothing. And as you sweat and get warmer, shed layers. Avoid doing it the other way around because the muscles in your spine are more likely to seize when the body is cold. Fourth, ensure you have a proper posture when bending over. Avoid bending at the waist if possible and kneel in the squatting position. If you are not strong enough to do this, then find a low enough stool so you can sit while gardening in the ground. And finally, if you feel stiff afterwards then stretch once more. Ice the area to prevent a flare up of the muscles used and drink plenty of water. 

Most of my patients that have been under care for a year or more experience no more pains after gardening because their spines have benefited from Chiropractic care and are properly aligned, thus, they can take those types of stress for longer than the average person. So, make sure you get your spine checked today by your Chiropractor, it will avoid you a bad case of low back pain, sciatica and severe discomfort after performing your favourite past time such as gardening.

Author: Arthur Tovar 02/11/2019

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